With urbanisation on the rise and a dependence on technology increasing, most of us have less time to relax and renew our mental and physical energy


Research has shown that incorporating elements of nature into the working environment can reduce blood pressure, heart rates and stress levels and can increase creativity, productivity and general mood.

A quick and simple way to incorporate nature into the office is through the use of plants. There’s a huge variety of plants with a range of benefits which require very little care. Here we take a look at the top eight plants for office spaces.


Snake Plant


Can last for weeks without water and tolerates heating and air conditioning very well. Doesn’t require a lot of light.


Peace Lilly


Brings a tropical feel to your work space and tolerates air conditioning very well. Suitable for low-medium light. (Not recommended for use in home offices as this plant is poisonous for cats and dogs).


Rubber Tree Plant


Ideal for brightening up corners, this floor plant boasts large leaves & brings colour to the office. Requires watering once a week.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Potted Plant

Can go for many weeks without water but requires plenty of sunlight. The plant helps to filter the air and the gel inside has cooling and healing properties.



Yucca Plant Potted

Can survive for several weeks without water and can grow fairly large with the right levels of light. This plant can grow into an eye catching feature, even in large spaces.



Potted Croton Plant

Can grow up to ten feet tall and the leaves of the plant often feature a variable and interesting pattern. Must get enough sunlight or these patterns will begin to fade.


Fatsia Japonica


A low maintenance, air purifying plant with dark green leathery leaves


Montsera Deliciosa

Potted Monstera Deliciosa Plant

This plant has huge, eye catching leaves and creates a luxury tropical feel in any space.



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