What To Consider When Buying an Office Chair

Buying the right office chair for yourself or for your employees can seem like a complicated process. It is also tempting to start by searching for the best priced chair, particularly if you have a lot of staff to cater for. In this post, we aim to help you avoid some potentially costly pitfalls and make the buying process simpler.


So what are the common mistakes to avoid when buying an office chair?


Choosing the wrong material:

The right material matters for more than aesthetic reasons. Vinyl is always a good choice for areas where stains are prevelant or good hygiene is a high priority. Leather is also easy to clean and is quick drying. It looks professional and suits conference and boardrooms, as well as executive offices.

Mesh is breathable, supportive and easy to clean and maintain. It also offers the added benefit of improved air circulation which can keep the user cool and comfortable. An upholstered seat is an option with most mesh chairs for added comfort whilst still maintaining good air flow around the back.


Selecting the wrong colours:

There is no universally correct decision when it comes to choosing the colour of your upholstery. However, it is important to consider what you want from your chair before purchasing. Do you want to use your chairs as a way to add some pop to your office or tie in with your brand? Or is it more important to choose darker colours that show less marks? Do you have the budget for the maintenance and cleaning of brighter coloured chairs?


Not considering your space:

If you are furnishing a large section of your office this is a very important point to consider. Although bigger chairs can seem more luxurious and comfortable, they won’t neccisarily provide you with this comfort if you are cramped up due to the chair taking up too much space.


Looking at the best price, instead of the best value:

Good value chairs may seem more expensive than the best priced chairs you can find. However, you could find yourself having to buy another chair soon after your original purchase if you opt for the cheaper chair. Many of the chairs that offer good value for money can last for many years and are more likely to provide ergonomic value and proper postural support. This could save individuals money on chiropractic care and companies money on sick pay and lost work days.


Choosing looks over comfort:

Some chairs can look stylish and modern but they may not be the best type of chair for sitting in for extended periods of time. Your more interesting seating choices can be reserved for reception or visitor areas where people generally won’t require a high level of comfort or support. It is best to choose a supplier who has a showroom where you can test chairs out to make sure they meet comfort and support requirements.


Not considering varying staff builds:

Across your staff-base you will find varying heights, leg lengths and other measurements to consider. Everyone needs to be able to adjust their chairs appropriately for maximum comfort and correct postural support. Chairs that feature adjustable arms, headrests, gas stems and lumbar supports make sure that people of all builds can be properly catered to.


Buying a chair with no warranty or aftercare support:

Most reputable suppliers will offer a wide range of chairs with a guarantee or warranty. You should also speak to the company about aftercare and any other services they may offer.



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