Can having too many personal items on your desk be a distraction, or can it improve productivity and wellbeing?

Allowing your employees to add some personal touches to their desk and general work area can encourage ownership over the work space and improve organisation and cleanliness. It can also provide employees with a sense of individuality and make them feel valued.

The use of colour in the workplace is known to have a positive effect on productivity and mood. Encouraging staff to use their favourite colours around their desk can bring comfort and a chance to display their personality within the working environment. It can also help to make the workplace somewhere that employees will want to spend time in.

Photos and other small items can also help to improve productivity, as well as creating a sense of pride and homeliness around the desk space. You could also consider allowing staff the chance to choose their own furniture and chairs to suit individual needs and preferences. Even simple choices such as the colour of a desk divider can make employees feel involved and valued.

Next time you plan a refurbishment or require new furniture, why not talk to your employees and find out what they would like from their own personal work spaces, create a plan to try and fulfill their wishes and see for yourself the improvement a simple touch can make.



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