Learning by Other’s Mistakes: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Office Furniture.

Learning by Other’s Mistakes: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Office Furniture.

Whether you’re starting a new business, or just redecorating an existing one, the furniture you choose will say a lot about you. And believe it or not, there’s a lot to consider when making that purchase.

When it’s time to start buying office furniture, you need to make sure to limit your mistakes. Buying the wrong chair, table or computer station can cause problems down the road that will cost you time and money, so always consider these few simple things when you are deciding which furniture to buy:

The Business Plan

The type of business you are in should always be on your mind when making any decision, and it should be no different when you are buying office furniture.

Avoid buying anything impulsively: take the time to consider what the furniture will be used for. Do you frequently have clients at the office, or do you regularly speak over the phone or meet at a restaurant? How many employees do you have? Do traditional or stainless steel table legs suit your brand better?

Each of these decisions — and more! — should reflect your business model and give employees and clients a sense of what you want your business to represent. Functionality, design and, of course, even price should be considered.

Employee Comfort

Employee comfort goes hand-in-hand with productivity: the more at ease your employees are, the better they will perform. It’s that simple. So when buying furniture, think about how it will feel to others around the office.

Chairs with ergonomic designs and comfortable fabrics that offer good back support are a great starting point. Consider as well whether the chairs should be mobile for easy movement, or if they will work better as stationary seating. Adjustable heights, armrests and reclining options are also essential for employee comfort.

Providing comfort can help save money in the long run as well. With better posture and relaxation, employees will be less prone to workplace injuries, which will save on worker’s compensation claims.

Future Growth

You should always take into account the way that new furniture will fit both your current and future office needs. Flexibility should be a top priority to maximize the life of the furniture. Even if some tables or chairs are more expensive than others, if you see them as a better fit, you should consider buying them.

When purchasing furniture, think about how future technology may shape the office environment. Will the desks you buy now have enough space and provide easy, safe access to electrical outlets once computers, printers and phones are placed on them? With the prevalence of wireless technology, should you buy desks that are mobile and adaptable to save space? What will a conference room look like in 10 years? A receptionist’s desk?

Thinking about the future will prevent buying mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Purchasing new furniture is a big expense for any company. Always keep these simple things in mind when you make that next trip to a office furniture dealer.



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