Your Reception Area Is Your First Opportunity To Welcome Your Visitors and Reflect Your Brand, So How Can You Make a Great First Impression?


The reception area for your business should be attractive, functional and welcoming. This is the first area that clients, customers and even potential employees will see, so it is arguably one of the most important zones of your building.

Reception spaces are highly unique to each business and there are no hard and fast rules for their design. It entirely depends on the space that you have available, the intended functionality of the area and the type of image you want to portray. Of course, the design and furnishing also depends on your budget!

Focusing on practicality and good space planning is the best way to begin drafting ideas for your reception space. Once you are past this point, you can start to consider the array of other elements that come in to creating the best reception for your business.


A well designed and functional reception desk is key for creating a great impression and providing your staff with much needed practicality to enable them to work efficiently.

Modular – Create a desk that suits your requirements and space by selecting from a range of individual modules in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Starter – If you have a small reception area or need to save space, a starter desk is ideal. Small but functional and ideal for a single member of staff.

High Gloss or Lit – Modern and eye-catching, these types of desks become the main focus of the reception area. Offering a sleek and fresh feel to your space, there are a range of different designs to choose from to perfectly co-ordinate with the rest of your decor.

Bespoke – Order a desk completely tailored to your requirements, space and brand. Alternatively, your existing desk can be refreshed with a Di-Noc wrap to bring a new lease of life to an older piece.


Practical storage and filing is crucial for keeping your reception organised and tidy.

Filing Cabinets and Under-Desk Pedestals – Ideal for keeping essentials close to hand but hidden neatly out of sight. Pedestals are available with storage and filing drawers to offer a total solution.

Storage Walls – Modern, attractive and extremely versatile, storage walls are modular products which allow you to create a system that cater exactly to your requirements. Modules include storage, filing, media and display units.


Receptionist’s chairs are a very important consideration. Keeping your staff comfortable can stop slouching, help prevent time off due to aches and pains, as well as helping to present a professional image. The chair you choose will depend on the way your reception functions and is staffed, how long the receptionist is required to sit at the desk at a time and the overall design of the area.


Mesh Chairs – These chairs provide good support and have a modern feel. The nature of the mesh fabric means that good air flow keeps the user cool and prevents sticking; this can also help to reduce muscle fatigue. Mesh chairs are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Ergonomic Chairs – Available as mesh or upholstered, these types of chairs provide thorough support to the user and can help them to maintain a proper posture. Ergonomic chairs also provide a higher level of comfort and can help to prevent musculoskeletal injuries which can lead to the member of staff having to take time off of work.

24 Hour Chairs – These chairs are advanced ergonomic chairs and are ideal for people who are required to sit for longer than eight hours a day. Providing extra support and comfort, most of these chairs generally feature extra adjustments.


Keeping your visitors comfortable while they wait is essential in creating the right impression. The chairs you choose for your visitors can depend on the overall design of your reception area, the space and shape you have to work with and also the functionality of the area.

Tub Chairs – Ideal for single seating, tub chairs are modern, supportive and comfortable. Available in a range of fabrics, these types of chairs look great clustered around coffee tables or arranged in a linear fashion.

Modular Seating & Sofas – Great for busy reception areas or for furnishing an area that is more awkwardly shaped. Choose from a range of module shapes and types and arrange to suit.

Individual Sofas & Chairs – A more typical but by no means outdated method to furnishing a reception. There are a wide range of options to choose from and mixing and matching for ultimate functionality is easy.


Coffee tables are an essential in any reception space and are truly versatile in their use

Trumpet Base – Sleek and modern, these types of tables are ideal for catering to a few visitors at a time and provide a compact yet functional and attractive solution

Welded Frame – Strong, durable and practical, these coffee tables are great for high use areas

Glass Top – Minimalist and easy to clean, these tables don’t detract from the rest of the room’s aesthetics. Available in a range of top shapes and sizes to suit your requirements


Other items to consider to complete your reception area include:

Coffee Machines – A simple way to offer refreshments to visitors

Magazine Racks – Give visitors something to read while they wait and keep reading material neatly organised

Display Boards – Share important information, successes or brand values with visitors, instantly and easily

Bins – Keep table tops and floors clear by placing small waste bins close to seating areas.






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