Tidy Up Your Work Surface:

  • Throw away any general waste and recycling
  • Gather any loose paper, documents etc and sort into “Working  On”, “To File” and “Shred & Recycle” piles
  • Look through old binders and folders – can you throw any of their contents away and re-organise?
  • Are there multiples of supplies covering your work surface? I.e more than one stapler, hole punch etc


De-Clutter the Inside of Your Desk Drawers:

  • Empty out any rubbish or recyclables
  • Put any loose change into a jar, pot or your wallet/purse
  • Take out anything you haven’t used for more than a couple of months


Organise Paper Items and Documents:

  • Go through current files and documents and sort in order of priority
  • Try to locate digital copies of the files you are keeping – save a copy on to a memory stick as well as your hard drive and throw the physical hard copy away


Organise Your Filing Cabinet:

  • Remove any files/documents you are sure that you no longer need
  • Update the filing system with a proper labeling system that works for you
  • Place similar or related documents into a folder and then file


Memos, Sticky Notes and Business Cards:

  • Enter any business card details into your contact software or spreadsheet and then dispose of
  • Try using digital sticky notes or web-based memo apps
  • If you prefer to work with paper and pen, keep a small notebook for your memos


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