Wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields in one device to generate an electrical current in the metal coil of another device, providing the battery of the latter with power. As the electricity is created within the two devices, this method of charging is completely safe and offers a whole host of additional benefits to traditional charging methods.

Apart from not having to worry about forgetting your charging cable (or cables for various devices), there is also no need to worry about fraying or damaging these wires when they are traveling around with you.

Wireless chargers also negate the need to hunt for a power socket and keep low battery disruptions to a minimum.


In the workplace, wireless charging offers another host of benefits, most of them allowing your place of work to provide forward thinking solutions to new and emerging working dynamics.

Creating a more mobile and flexible work space is much easier when you are not relying on power outlets in order to keep work devices charged and running. Furniture can be placed anywhere which allows you to make much better use of your available space.

A clutter and wire free work space helps to keep distraction to a minimum and productivity rates higher whilst providing a more clean and professional look to your office.

Making use of wireless charging technology also future proofs your business’ premises. Most future devices will offer wireless charging functions as one of, if not the only way to charge. If these solutions are already integrated in to your office, there will be no sudden panic and decline in productivity when the device market is monopolised with wireless charging functions only.

Whilst older integrated power and data solutions were a practical step in the right direction, wireless charging offers full flexibility. No one needs to leave their device plugged in to the middle of a meeting room table to charge anymore. Instead, they can simply place their phone on a wireless charge point which will likely be strategically integrated close to where they would likely set their phone down on their desk or a meeting table normally.


If integrating wireless charging in to your workplace is something that you are interested in, you can find a range of products listed on our website. Alternatively you can call one of our team to assist you in finding the best solution for your business.



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