Best Products To Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Having an ergonomic office set up is important to avoid injuries in the workplace and keeping staff happy, healthy and productive.


Poor office ergonomics can lead to an increase in staff absence, with upper or lower back pain being amongst the most common reasons for employees to take sick leave.

Luckily, there are many ergonomic products on the market today to help you to create a safe and comfortable office. In this post, you’ll find a round up of our favorite ergonomic office furniture pieces.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the basic principles of office and workplace ergonomics, you can check out this post, which also includes a free ergonomic reference sheet download.

1. Adapt

Following the EasiSpec system, our specialist advisors take a few key measurements and create a tailored “prescription” for an Adapt chair that will provide you with highly specific and personalised ergonomic support and comfort. Ideal for those who require extra support, suffer from pain or postural issues or have a disability.

Ergochair Adapt600 with Headrest Front View


2. Ergohuman

Ideal for those who are seated for extended periods or require more thorough support, the Ergohuman task chair boasts a range of flex zones throughout the back and lumbar regions, providing continuous ergonomic support.

Ergohuman Mesh Task Chair


3.HÅG Sofi & HÅG Sofi Mesh

The body has an intuitive need to move and the HÅG SoFi keeps the body in motion and allows the user to sit in a variety of positions. The InBalance™Mechanism keeps the user perfectly comfortable whilst boosting productivity and improving health by keeping the user active.



4. Poise

Designed to reduce pressure on the thighs and back, the Poise task chair features an integral seat slide which allows the user to adjust the seat depth. A synchronised mechanism with freefloat back action makes it easy to get comfortable and feel supported.



5. HÅG Capisco & HÅG Capisco Puls

Choose to sit in Capisco or Capisco Puls chairs forwards, sideways or backwards and receive equal comfort and ergonomic support. Inspired by the horse rider’s saddle, the Capisco offers greater freedom of movement and caters for active sitting throughout the day.


6. Sidiz

Providing excellent ergonomic support and adjusting easily to the user’s height and weight, the Sidiz task chair offers consistent support and comfort. The mesh design  also provides cooling ventilation to the back.

Sidiz Task Chair Black


7. Enjoy

Designed for those who are required to sit for up to 8 hours per day, the Enjoy Task Chair provides continuous support and comfort through the use of flex-zones for lumbar and back support. Other features include a synchro-tilt mechanism, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment and single lever control for seat height, seat depth and back tilt.



8. Rise

Rise height adjustable desks feature a range of control panels which all make changing from a sitting to a standing position quick and easy. Adjustable from 635mm-1290mm, Rise desks enable you to spend less time sitting and more time enjoying the benefits of active working.


9. GC1

GC1 tables are multi-functional and practical addition to any work space. A simple to use control panel changes the height of the table quickly and simply. In addition to it’s sit/stand functions, GC1 also benefits from a flip top and optional dry-wipe finish, creating a truly versatile piece of furniture that adapts to any way that you choose to work.



10. Sit/Stand Desktop Riser

Place the desktop riser on any desk to create a quick and portable sit/stand solution. Featuring a fast and easy height adjustment process, the riser also benefits from a support groove for smartphones or tablets and a large keyboard tray.



11. Ascend Monitor Arm

Ascend monitor arms feature a gas assisted stem and provide practicality, organisation and space to your desk. Easy to adjust height, tilt and position, creating a comfortable ergonomic working position.

Ascend Monitor Arm White

12. Streamcomb Monitor Arm

Able to hold up to four monitors, Streamcomb helps to create a clutter-free desk space. Streamcomb monitor arms also make it easy to achieve a comfortable, ergonomically correct working position and help to relieve tension and strain through the neck and shoulders.

Streamcomb Double Monitor Arm with Clamp Fixing


13. Ergonomic Accessories

Wave Office also provides a range of ergonomic accessories such as footrests and specially adapted mice and keyboards to make sure that your entire body can work in a comfortable and supported ergonomic position.


We hope that this list has given you a simple starting point in creating an ergonomic working environment. If you would like to view more information on the featured products, you can click on their individual links or call 01293 510553 to speak to one of our friendly team.



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