Fabricks™ Acoustic Walls

Fabricks™ is designed to divide space effectively, reduce noise, and look fabulous. These super acoustic bricks offer the flexibility to create impromptu spaces for meetings and individual work in open plan workspaces in minutes.

Your ears, your attention span, and your work ethic with love Fabricks™!

Fabricks™ Acoustic Walls Create Beautiful Spaces

The “House Brick” style gives interlocking rigidity to the design, and the 3D pyramids provide a beautiful textured finish. Quick and easy to reconfigure, Fabricks™ allow you to adapt your acoustics to suit. Need a quieter more private area for your meeting? Make the wall higher or move the whole panel to create an effective divider.

With Class A sound absorption the lightweight bricks simply slide on to the aluminium rods attached to the steel base allowing you to create a range of configurations. The choices of colour allow you to match the bricks to existing décor or even create logos or messages. You can choose between 2D flat face bricks or 3D bricks with sculptured faces depending on aesthetic preferences.

The aluminium rods can accommodate power and data cables and can be combined retrospectively to alter the height of your walls. There is also the option to combine posts to create a higher wall quickly and easily.

Fabricks™ not only helps to disperse distracting noise but due to the easily adjustable height of the wall, visual distraction can also be cancelled out, even when sit/stand desks are in use.

  • The award winning Fabricks™ offer acoustic and visual privacy without building permanent floor to ceiling walls
  • Tested to Class A absorption
  • 3 different lengths (300mm, 600mm or 1200mm)
  • 2 different heights (200mm or 400mm)
  • 90° corner bricks
  • Over 30 standard colours from Camira Blazer Lite
  • Extruded aluminium posts with ability to house power and data cables
  • Steel base with caster option
  • Easy to configure and reconfigure
  • Minimum of 95% recyclable

View the available fabric options HERE

Acoustic products play a significant role in an office environment for several reasons:

1. **Noise Reduction**: Offices can be noisy environments with various sources of distraction, such as ringing phones, conversations, footsteps, and equipment noises. Acoustic products like sound-absorbing panels, ceiling tiles, and partitions help reduce the overall noise level, creating a more comfortable and productive workspace by minimizing distractions.

2. **Speech Privacy**: In open-plan offices or shared workspaces, speech privacy is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and concentration. Acoustic products like sound masking systems and soundproofing materials can help prevent conversations from being overheard, enhancing privacy and allowing employees to focus on their tasks without worrying about being overheard.

3. **Improved Concentration and Productivity**: Excessive noise levels can negatively impact employees’ concentration and productivity. By reducing noise levels and controlling reverberation, acoustic products create a more conducive work environment where employees can concentrate better, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

4. **Enhanced Comfort and Well-being**: Excessive noise can cause stress, fatigue, and even physical discomfort. Acoustic products contribute to creating a more comfortable and pleasant workspace, promoting employee well-being and satisfaction. Employees are likely to feel more relaxed and less stressed in a quieter environment, which can positively impact morale and retention rates.

5. **Better Communication**: Effective communication is essential for collaboration and teamwork in the office. Acoustic products help improve communication by reducing background noise and echo, making it easier for employees to hear and understand each other during meetings, discussions, and presentations.

6. **Compliance with Regulations**: Many regions have regulations or guidelines regarding acceptable noise levels in workplaces to ensure the health and safety of employees. Acoustic products help organizations comply with these regulations by controlling noise levels and creating a safer work environment.

7. **Enhanced Brand Image**: An office environment that prioritizes employee comfort, well-being, and productivity reflects positively on the company’s brand image. Investing in acoustic products demonstrates a commitment to creating a professional and supportive workspace, which can attract top talent and impress clients and visitors.

Overall, acoustic products play a crucial role in enhancing the office environment, contributing to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Whilst every effort has been taken to represent this product accurately, please note that colours can look slightly different on screen compared to the actual physical product. If you are at all concerned, or if you are trying to colour match with any existing furniture you may have then please request a sample of the material before you complete the order.


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