Whether you’re furnishing a school, workplace, healthcare facility or government building, no two projects are ever the same and our flexible approach to manufacturing and customer service mean that we can always answer your specific requirements across the concept, design, manufacturing and installation phases. Our in-house UK manufacturing capabilities mean that you can be certain to avoid the extended lead times or delivery date delays associated with suppliers that outsource production.

Comfort, functionality, flexibility and durability are all essential for a successful project and we will ensure that the quality you need to deliver those goals is built into every stage of the design and production process. If you’re looking for complete accountability from a furniture supplier and service you can rely on throughout the lifecycle of your project, we are the right partner for you.

We’re delighted that over 87% of products within our portfolio are manufactured in the UK using the latest manufacturing technology (up from 82% last year) ensuring the highest level of quality. This is reflected in the guarantees we offer.

As a manufacturer who manages our own production plant in the UK, this means that we can adapt production levels to reflect sales trends, ensuring that all standard items are consistently available from stock. That’s why every year we continually invest significantly in expanding our production plant with new equipment and additional trained personnel to manufacture the extended portfolio and keep pace with demand. The more processes we can bring in house, the more we can control our overheads as well as our quality.

Decades of tradition and know-how go into the production of office furniture. Manufacturing in the UK also means that we are protecting and developing the skills needed for the office furniture industry of the future, ensuring that we create a legacy of quality British-made products that are fully traceable and built to last.


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